Operation manager-India
Shenzhen Kunpeng Digital Technology Co, Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1、Understand the company’s goals and support overseas strategy 2、Procure personnel to build local Indian technical or service team 3、Develop and maintain projects in the country assigned 4、Communicate and understand customer needs 5、Assist in project delivery and customer relationship maintenance 6、Research and analyze the trends in the market 7、In the long-term, assist company in the growth of Indian R&D team and factory 8、Work with local team to understand solutions and business strategies to be applied

Job Requirements

1、Located in Shenzhen; qualification and/or experience in management or related fields preferred 2、Excellent communication skills to interact with clients, vendors, and local team 3、Understanding of Indian market and Indian laws and regulations strongly preferred 4、Knowledge of wearables/software solution industry preferred 5、Good learning ability and teamwork spirit 6、Chinese language abilities preferred, English and local Indian language necessary 7、Work proactively to deliver impactful results, and work with a growth mindset 8、High level of organization and planning ability; self-driven and dedicated.

Required Languages

Hindi, English

Job Details

Position type

Other product positions


1~3 years

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