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Job Responsibilities

1. Marketing strategy planning and overseas brand building: Based on the deeply explored product selling points and brand positioning, responsible for the operation planning, promotion channels, and social media operations of the company's brand in various aspects overseas, including but not limited to refining and outputting English communication content copy, social media strategy, video content output, channel placement, etc., continuously improving brand awareness and reputation; 2. Overseas Brand Research and Maintenance: Responsible for conducting overseas product research and proposing brand building optimization strategies, maintaining the brand's image overseas, gaining in-depth insight into the market environment, customer needs, competitors, and brand contact channels, participating in industry and competitor analysis, tracking industry and competitor trends, delving into core value propositions, providing market analysis strategies for the company's brand and product line brands, and supporting brand positioning; 3. Based on operational needs, combined with marketing calendars, product positioning, budget allocation, etc., sort out, screen, and integrate various needs, and reasonably develop promotion strategies/plans for the brand/product line responsible for the whole year and major festivals, as well as carry out daily related work; 4. In line with the phased growth goals, plan and develop overseas internet celebrity marketing plans, be responsible for developing celebrity resources in channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc., facilitate brand promotion cooperation, and achieve monthly targets.

Job Requirements

1. Sustainable output of authentic English expressions that meet the operational requirements of social media content; North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom are preferred; Chinese communication is preferred; 2. At least one year of work experience in brand promotion and overseas marketing, possessing excellent creative and aesthetic abilities, able to independently write soft advertising and organize communication, independently produce overseas marketing activity planning and execution, and regularly output global market research reports; 3. Proficient in using global public relations data analysis tools, with a preference for those who are sensitive to data and market analysis; 4. Possess strong foresight, innovative thinking, and a global perspective; 5. Have outstanding logical analysis, team coordination ability, excellent emergency response ability, and crisis public relations ability.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

E-commerce operation/Offline operation/Product operation


Unlimited experience

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