Interior Automotive Styling director
Full-timeMore than 100K RMB per monthShanghai, Liuzhou
Shanghai Shangrui Auto Technology Co., LTD
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Job Responsibilities

1. Carry out design trend analysis and competitor analysis according to the requirements of model development commodity definition, and develop multiple design directions according to the design trend; 2. Make high-quality and novel interior and exterior design scheme sketches, renderings, detail renderings, tape drawings and alias modeling key lines; 3. Have various professional skills in various stages of automobile design and modeling development, from creative conception, sketch, effect drawing, 3D model, tape drawing, sludge model to the final side a; 4. Cooperate and guide the surface designer to complete CAS and class a surface design that meets the engineering and modeling requirements; 5. Cooperate and guide the modeler to complete the design and manufacture of small-scale model and full-scale model; 6. Good communication skills, able to communicate well with customers, engineers, surface designers and project managers to understand the needs of the project, so as to guide surface designers to complete the production and modification of surface a, update the problem list of surface a stage, and close all problems one by one after being confirmed by customers.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above; 2. Major in industrial design (product design / vehicle design) / art design; 3. At least 10 years experience in automotive design; 4. Have a good level of scheme expression; 5. Proficient in Photoshop, alias and other related design software

Required Languages

Other, English

Job Details

Position type

Mechanical design and manufacturing


More than 10 years

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