Korean Overseas Market Issuance
Full-time35K - 40K RMB per monthHangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

1. be responsible for the overall market strategy of PC game products issued in Korea, including but not limited to formulating the market plan, controlling the budget, following up the implementation and summarizing the replay; 2. plan brand publicity and promotion plans at all stages, including but not limited to PR, KOL, online and offline advertising and event events, monitor and summarize the effect of the event; 3. according to the analysis of the promotion effect and relevant data, continuously optimize the market plan and improve the brand awareness; 4. responsible for writing and publishing PR manuscripts, and planning PR events in combination with user needs and local resources.

Job Requirements

1. bachelor degree or above, working language is Korean, good English is a plus item, Korean living or working experience is preferred, and Korean mother tongue is preferred; 2. love games, understand the Korean game market and players, and have enough sensitivity to the market and player hot spots; 3. more than 2 years of experience in Korean market issuance or promotion, familiar with relevant market resources and channels is preferred; 4. be serious and responsible for work, have clear logic, strong communication and expression skills, execution ability and pressure resistance ability, and have a good sense of teamwork.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Korean

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing


Unlimited experience

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