we have 3 departments--(1). HR Department (2) Customer screening department (3) Business development Department
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthThailand
Jinhui Technology Group
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Job Responsibilities

➡➡In the HR Department you have to recruit people from around the whole world you can recruit people who can speak Chinese and English, and you have to work with a team under a team leader. ➡➡In the Customer screening department you have to chat with our clients or investors. Our clients are from Europe and America. You have to Collect some data or information from them, and when you start working your team leader will teach you how to do work. ➡➡In the Business Development Department you have to work for the development company's business.

Job Requirements

1. Passport Information page Copy (passport expiration date should be not less than one year). 2. Photo passport size(white background). 3. Vaccine certificate & card. 4. Chinese Medical test report filled-up form, which you did before you went for the first time in china. 5. Your Chinese graduation certificate or any kind of document that will prove that you know Chinese. 6. Send me 2 videos, one introducing yourself in English and one in Chinese introduce yourself. ( Including your Name, Age, country, family, Education, goals, strength, weakness, hobbies, etc… 7. You have to give a typing test on the website 10fastfingers.com or you can choose any online typing test site for your typing test. But Per minute not less than 30 words. When you give this typing test you must make a video, in this video you have to show your face clearly and the final typing outcome. 8. CV

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Recruitment specialist


Less than one year

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