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Security Information Officer【High salary】【part-time job】
Part-time30K - 35K RMB per monthOnline
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Job Responsibilities

We are an international security consulting company that is mainly responsible for the security protection of the client's overseas companies and personnel according to their requirements. 1. Assess the security situation in the customer's location. 2. If the employees of overseas companies encounter kidnapping, extortion, theft, etc., they can keep abreast of the real situation and the situation of the case; 3. Able to coordinate with the local police department to assist in handling similar cases. 4. Promptly discover information that is unfavorable to overseas companies and report them to the company immediately.

Job Requirements

The above job requirements: 1. Have rich experience in security work, 2. Have connections in the local police department, 3. Have worked in the police department or security company, 4. Have a sense of responsibility. If you are hired as our company's security information officer, we will regularly assign you tasks according to the customer's requirements and pay you accordingly. This job does not require full-time work and can be done as a part-time job.

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1~3 years

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