TikTok Eng Anchor Host (Live-Streaming)
Part-time15K - 20K RMB per monthHangzhou
Hangzhou Baitaoshuo Network Technology Company
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Job Responsibilities

1. Daily livestream on TikTok, including introducing various products, connecting with audience and guiding to promotions. (2-4 hours/day) 2. Participate in shooting when required.

Job Requirements

Our ideal candidate: • Proficient in English/ Indonesian • Passionate, Expressive, Friendly and engaging on camera • Actively engaged with TikTok as a consumer and participant • Experienced in sales or hosting is a plus. Result-driven. • Part Time • Salary: Fixed + Commission PLS READ THE WORKING HOURS BELOW **For Part Time Job-seekers** Working hour: (You can choose 1 or more session) Night Session 1: 8pm -10pm (China Time) Night Session 2: 10pm-12 midnight (China Time) Morning Session 3: 8-10 am (China Time) Pls state which session you are available at your application. **For Full Time Job seekeres* Working hours: 4pm-12 midnight (2-3 live sessions/day)

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Job Details

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1~3 years

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