Foreign Teacher in 2018 Guangzhou Drone Camps
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Jingle YouthTech
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Job Responsibilities

1. Time: ( 1.5-2h / day ) 1st Session = July 15th to July 26th, 2nd Session = July 29th to Aug 9th. 3rd Session = Aug 12th to Aug 23rd 2. Job Description: 2018 Guangzhou Drone Summer Cams is a 12-days tech camp. In this camps, we would include three kinds of English activities - English Classes, and Outdoors Games : 1) We hope that AT LEAST, you can handle the English Classes, teaching some interesting English skills and have some English games with our campers. Our campers are mainly about 7~14 years-old lovely kids. 2) Outdoor Games, are just like teambuilding and exercise with our campers. If you are able to finish it, that would be great. 3. Company Description: Jingle YouthTech, founded in 2015, as the extended brand of Jingle International Education, is the fusion of Camping Education and STEAM. Mainly for 6-17 years old teenagers, Jingle YouthTech offers advanced science and technology courses, and successfully implemented more than 100 tech-camp projects with more than 10,000 campers. Currently, we Jingle YouthTech team are focusing on the Drone Education. Since 2017, as the exclusive agency in China, we Jingle YouthTech team are so proud to cooperate with the Drobots Company, NASA cooperated education team in US, providing the drone courses and international competition - Young Captain #01.

Job Requirements

1. Responsible and caring 2. Love to work with children and youth, able to lead group activities 3. Experience in education field 4. Strong organizational skill 5. English native speakers is preferred(America,British,Canada) 6. Experience working on a Team 7. Desire to master a new program 8. Able to speak in front of large groups

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English Teaching


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