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Job description

1. Cultivated and studied in various business groups of the company, understood the business of each business department and each department and the operation process of the whole company; 2. Familiar with and understand the company's products in the early stage, took various positions in the company and assisted the general manager in handling various affairs; 3, according to individual ability, and willingness to work and the development of overseas business , butt off business; 4. Completed the assessment tasks of the company and related matters arranged by the general manager.


1. Bachelor degree with international recognition, master degree is preferred, no major is required, but major related to warehouse logistics and supply chain is preferred; 2. Have foreign nationality (not limited to Chinese), eu and British nationality is preferred, proficient in English and have a little knowledge of Chinese, and can speak multiple languages better; 3. Good at learning and innovation, strong sense of responsibility and able to work under pressure; Accept overseas job assignments; 4. Extroverted, responsive, and expressive, with strong communication skills and communication skills; 5. High working enthusiasm and sense of teamwork; 6. Overseas students with management experience in student union or society are preferred.

Required Languages

English, Chinese, Other

Job Details

Position type

Training / Education Management


Mid-Senior level

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