Western Restaurant Waiter
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthBeiJing
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Job Responsibilities

1. Provide corresponding services according to the standards and positioning grades of western restaurants; 2. Mainly responsible for service communication with foreign customers; 3. Maintain good working relations with other colleagues and actively cooperate with each other;

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above in hotel management, tourism management and civil aviation service; 2. 18-30 years old; female height above 165cm; male height above 175cm; good facial features and good image; 3. Positive, enthusiastic and optimistic, with good affinity; 4. Good English communication skills. Spanish native speakers are preferred, and basic Chinese speakers are preferred; 5. Working experience in star-rated hotel and high-end western restaurant is preferred.

Required Languages

Spanish, Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Customer service


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