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Job Responsibilities

1、负责热点内容运营,发现当前美国发生的最新、最热的事件; 2、负责社交媒体的运营,包括但不限于内容挖掘、素材收集、文案撰写、研究玩法以及数据分析与研究等; 3、及时掌握各主流新媒体平台新的玩法结合当下热点话题为品牌及产品进行借势传播 1. Responsible for the operation of hot content and discovering the latest and hottest events in the United States; 2. Responsible for the operation of social media, including but not limited to content mining, material collection, copywriting, research and play, data analysis and research, etc; 3. Timely grasp the new playing methods of mainstream new media platforms, and combine the current hot topics to spread brands and products

Job Requirements

1、本科及以上学历,必须有美国留学或生活经历,英语需要满足日常工作沟通; 2、关注、了解热点,有内容敏感度,有新闻,短视频经验者优先; 3、熟悉并高频使用facebook,twitter,tik tok等社交媒体; 4、善于沟通,有责任心,积极主动。 1. Bachelor degree or above, must have study abroad or life experience in the United States, English needs to meet the daily work of communication; 2. Pay attention to and understand hot spots, content sensitivity, news, short video experience is preferred; 3. Familiar with and frequent use of social media such as Facebook, twitter, Tik, tok, etc; 4. Good at communication, responsible and proactive.

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