E-commerce Operations Assistant
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Job description

Job Responsibilities 1. Assist in product selection, collect and organize product related information, and maintain the normal operation of the platform. 2. Responsible for uploading and removing shelves of products and order management, and organize daily data (marketing and transaction data etc) 3. Responsible for handling customer issues, including pre-sale consultation and after-sale maintenance. 4. Organize data such as store visits and conversion rates to assist in analyzing and making suggestions for improvement.


Working Location : Shekou, Shenzhen Qualified parties, please contact Alex . Wechat: ideaspcb, Email: alex.wang@hiredchina.com Requirements: 1. Good Chinese listening and speaking abilities 2. Proficient in using office software 3. Responsible. proactive to communicate and willing to com Most prefer candidate from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing


Entry level

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