.Net engineer
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthChengDu
Chengdu Chibo Science and technology Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

- Participate in product demand discussions and develop implementation plans; - Responsible for maintenance and upgrade of existing products, responsible for back-end server architecture design and framework construction; - Responsible for server and client API protocol standard development and corresponding API development; - Write relevant documents during development; - Lead the team to develop project-related server functions; - Responsible for cross-platform deployment of .NET server (dotnet core) (winserver, linux).

Job Requirements

- Bachelor degree. Familiar with Microsoft .Net development system and relevant development experience such as CS software or BS software; - Familiar with Web development, proficient in C # development language, familiar with dotnet Core and Entity Framework, and have .Net development experience for more than 5 years; - Have worked on the development of large and medium-sized .Net projects, and can complete related work independently according to requirements; - Proficient in .Net, MVC, LayUI, MySQL, Web API and other technologies; - Deep understanding of distributed, cache (Redis), message queue (rabbitmq), task scheduling (hangfire), etc ; - Master PHP, Golang, Java and other languages ​​and related framework platforms; - Familiar with B / S architecture related development technologies, familiar with HTML / CSS / JavaScript / JQuery or other front-end related languages ​​and frameworks; - Familiar with MySQL and other databases for development and performance optimization solutions, and experience in CRM and ERP is preferred; - Familiar with server deployment and cross-platform deployment (winserver, Linux) or management is preferred; - Familiar with front-end programming frameworks such as vue.js, react, ts, webpack, elementUI and other frameworks are preferred; - Strong pressure resistance, able to independently undertake task modules, analyze and solve problems; - Strong sense of quality, dissatisfied with appearance, geeky spirit, good professionalism and teamwork spirit; - Preferred with front-end development technologies such as AngularJS; - Good English literacy and communication skills.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Software Engineer


Mid-Senior level

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