Service Stylist/Wedding etiquette Receptionist
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Job description

1、Maintenance a positive and professional appearance at all time. Minimum high is 168CM; 2、A college diploma or equivalent is preferred for job application. Age range: 20 – 40 years old. Language: can understand Chinese & English fluently. 3、Have hotel and property management service working experience are preferred .


1.1. Main work content 1.1.1. Guide and receive visiting guests, mainly including wedding newlyweds, wedding / business guests, and deal with emergencies in the lobby. 1.1.2. Supervise the environmental health of the wedding hall and the appearance and service attitude of the staff 1.1.3. The main management personnel accompanying the wedding hall send blessings to the new weddings 1.2. Job requirements 1.2.1. Foreigners, fluent in Chinese preferred 1.2.2. Strong affinity and good sense of service 1.2.3. Quick thinking and ability to deal with emergencies 1.2.4. Proficient in office software, basic network knowledge and computer operation Part time or full time, Working hours:12:00-20:30

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type



Mid-Senior level

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