Warehouse Operator
Smart Sino International Investment Holdings (China) Co.,Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Maintain the company's property safely, responsible for material protection, fire prevention,moisture-proof, anti-theft, disaster prevention, etc; 2. Responsible for material receiving, dispatching, storage and allocation; 3. Manage inventory accuracy such as warehouse inventory; 4. Make warehouse related reports and accounts and report them in time; 5. Keep the warehouse 5S; 6. Obey management, responsible for other temporary works assigned by leaders. Location: Indonesia

Job Requirements

1. Familiar with warehouse operation management, familiar with computer, OFFICE system and other office software; 2. Positive working attitude, strong executing ability, observe discipline. 3 Being proficient in Chinese, English and Indonesian is in preference to be proficient in any two of them.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type

Warehouse Specialist/Warehouse Manager


Unlimited experience

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