Architectural designer
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Job Responsibilities

Work: 1. Accurately understand the design requirements of the container house project, determine the container building design plan, and carry out technical disclosure with customers; 2. Complete the container building design, hydropower design and construction drawing according to the project client's construction plan; 3. Calculate the quantity of materials inside and outside the container house, assist in purchasing and completing the material purchase order, provide technical support to the factory and assist in the production of the container house; 4. the container house new type development design, assists the department colleague to complete other related design work.

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1.Bachelor degree or above, major in architecture and civil engineering; 2. Familiar with domestic building codes, have some knowledge of foreign building codes, with more than 2 years of architectural design experience, preferred, excellent graduates can also consider; 3. Understand the container house design, can independently carry out the planning plan, architectural scheme design, construction drawing design; 4. Master AutoCAD、Sketchup、3Dmax and other design software; 5. Working experience in new types of housing, such as container modular housing and light assembly housing;

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Construction engineer/architect


1~3 years

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