Werewolf Novel Editor( English native, Remote,Part-time)
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Job Responsibilities

【Job Responsibilities】 1. According to the needs of the project, complete the customized novel. 2. Excavate and contract outstanding overseas werewolf works and authors. Contact: Whatsapp/Wechat : +86 19925288664 Email address: victory.liu@hiredchina.com

Job Requirements

【job requirements】 1. More than two years of work experience, bachelor degree or above. 2. English can be used as a working language, and can complete English novel writing or have abundant English writing resources. 3. Have a rich understanding of werewolf literature, be good at constructing a world view of werewolf literature, and understand the appeals of overseas werewolf literature readers. He has an in-depth understanding of overseas novel reading apps, and is very familiar with the popular Werewolves on the two major platforms. 4. Experienced web text users, good at summarizing routines and expanding routines. Overseas study experience is preferred. If you are particularly good, you can work remotely.

Required Languages


Job Details

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3~5 years

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