Business Specialist [Thailand]
Zhongyuan Lianchuang International Trade Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the international business of overseas trading companies. 2. Develop overseas business related matters, conduct all kinds of market research, deal with and coordinate all kinds of disputes in the process of trade, and expand overseas business channels. 3. Search for supply resources through telephone, Internet, mail, forum, company resources, etc. Responsible for all kinds of business matters in overseas markets. 4. Translated contracts, business and technical documents, and made technical communication Windows between domestic and foreign teams. 5. Submit work reports and business statements on time. 6. Other matters assigned by the company.

Job Requirements

Zhongyuan Lianchuang Thailand Office is recruiting two International trade specialist: 1、Specific requirements: a) Age range from 25 to 40 years old,with a university degree or above,male or female unlimited. b) Essential skills:proficient in driving,proficient in Chinese and Thai. c) Proficient in operating office software such as Word and Excel. d) Proficient in Chinese,English and Thai nationality,and knowledge of international trade and agricultural products are preferred. 2、Promotion space: a) Completing company performance for one consecutive year can result in training at the China headquarters and obtaining work qualifications in other language related countries of the group. b) Recognise the company's corporate culture,have a high loyalty,and meet the company's requirements for two consecutive years of performance can be promoted to regional manager,national manager,etc.

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Other procurement/trade positions


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