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Job Responsibilities

 as a consultant to internal customers of the company, use professional knowledge to provide professional advice related to recruitment, including: formulating recruitment channel strategy, candidate evaluation skills and effective decision-making  manage the recruitment process, ensure to update the recruitment progress with candidates and effectively follow up the recruitment process;  evaluate the suitability of candidates by using both technical interview and behavioral interview skills in the interview, and also use unconventional skills to identify whether candidates are good enough  actively listen to the candidates in the recruitment process, have good negotiation skills, track the candidates from beginning to end and be creative  regularly submit the recruitment project status in writing and orally, and summarize the candidate evaluation report to the superior and management personnel  other responsibilities: complete other tasks designated by the management according to the needs of business development

Job Requirements

Job requirements:  1-3 years of recruitment experience in the environment of changing product demand, successfully handled a large number of recruitment in a short time, and the recruitment position has high requirements for the candidates' professional ability and interpersonal skills  be proficient in conventional recruitment channel management, including online social media and professional contacts, and show excellent talent mining ability, including targeted recruitment, recruitment through social circles and direct telephone contact with potential candidates  understand the development of the organization and be able to establish a good working relationship with decision makers and influential employees in the organizational relationship  fluent in Chinese and English

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Recruitment specialist


3~5 years

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