Concierge Service Ambassador
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthWuhan
Hang Lung Properties – Heartland
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Job Responsibilities

1. Understand the company's business strategy and work requirements, follow the superiors to implement the work and key performance indicators (KPI) of the concierge service, and strive to promote the customer-oriented service concept and achieve the set key performance indicators (KPI). 2. According to the established position allocation and scheduling table, be on duty and perform daily work in different positions, and implement the instructions and directions of the superiors, report and effectively deal with operational problems in a timely manner. 3. Familiar with all service processes, handle and faithfully implement the daily work of the concierge service team according to the work process service standards, the service is in place, and the questions and requirements of "guests"/"visitors" and "tenants" are followed up in a timely manner; and ensure that " "Guest" to provide efficient service 4. Familiar with the details of cooperation and division of labor in different aspects such as incident notification mechanism, emergency and emergency notification and handling, to ensure that “guests”/“visitors” and “tenants” are provided with first-hand on-site assistance in case of incidents, and follow the instructions of superiors , Assist in dealing with emergencies and emergencies, so as to effectively control and minimize the impact, and follow up the follow-up work and related matters. 5. Handle service inquiries, requests or complaints of "guests"/"visitors" and "tenants", assist in the mediation work between "guests" and "tenants", including records, timely follow-ups and return visits, and strive to follow up things until confirmed "Guest"/"Visitor" and "Tenant" are satisfied. In case of a complicated case, immediately report to the superior for assistance. 6. Fully understand and be familiar with service requirements, work information, updated work procedures and the latest service requirements. 7. Participate in the training, have sufficient awareness, and always work in the best condition to serve "guests"/"visitors" and "tenants". 8. Familiar with the latest business operation arrangements and related promotion activities of the entire project, follow up the work instructed by superiors to ensure smooth operation. 9. Participate in peak hours and other office building operations, maintain service quality and assist "visitors"/"tenants". 10. Carry out the inspection of environmental equipment in public places, report and follow up in a timely manner, and ensure that the equipment provided to "visitors" and "tenants" in public places and the environment enjoyed by them are kept in good condition. 11. Participate in various tasks of office building properties, including but not limited to safety drills, environmental cleanliness and greening, project rectification and regular maintenance, tenant construction, holiday arrangements, etc., to ensure that the office building is in good operating condition at all times.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above. 2. More than 2 years of customer service experience in hotels, large shopping malls, office buildings, high-end clubs or department stores. 3. Understand the importance of providing quality and service to "customers". 4. Coordination, handling and follow-up skills and patience, good communication skills and language skills. 5. Friendly, hospitable, and approachable service attitude, and awareness of high-quality service standards. 6. Full of initiative, good memory, attention to details, good observation skills, and teamwork spirit. 7. Positive and enthusiastic work attitude, and good personal character.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Real estate brokerage


3~5 years

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