Head of Academic (Kindergarten)
Full-time35K - 40K RMB per monthZhuhai
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Job Responsibilities

- Report to Manager of Education - Effective and efficient running of the team embracing the school's ethos, values and aims, being an exemplary role model. - Contribute to the development of excellence through developing and creating of learning and teaching policies. - Supporting all teachers during their induction period. - Play a major role in monitoring and evaluating the provision and outcomes for pupils In the school, using this information to create a school development and improvement plans. - Be an outstanding leader and lead teaching and learning the across the three age ranges of the School, creating an engaging curriculum and actively engaging parents in the life of the school - Ensure that the School work together effectively and efficiently, by providing excellent organizational ability, leadership and management skills. - Be responsible for implementing assessment procedures and be accountable for the outcomes of pupils in the School. - Overview of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and commitment to its on-going development - Leading the team in raising School standards of attainment and progress. - Work closely with the team on behaviour safeguarding and pastoral care of students. - Make sure the teachers following the safety policies and keeping children safe. - Identify and arrange a programme of Continuous professional development (CPD) for the teachers. - Supporting the team in the admission process including supporting Open Day sessions and organising assessment interviews with children and parents - Support Chinese Lead teacher in CPD of Teachers, give training to teachers each week, and improving the curriculums. - Motivate inspire challenge and support staff and children by leading by example and having high expectations. - Develop the team value and unity within the School along with a strong team spirit. - Commitment to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children by ensuring that all staff, and those connected to the School, share this commitment and responsibility. To take seriously the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, and to work together with others to ensure adequate arrangements within the School help to identify, assess, and support children who are suffering harm. - Taking care to the teachers and keep the teachers retention rate higher than 90% - Supporting the team and remain the parent’s satisfaction higher than 95%. - Encourage the teachers improving the relationship with parents and improving the children retention rate. - Actively shares with parents how their children learn English and achievements.

Job Requirements

- Bachelor's degree with some management experience. - With past working experience mainly in three main areas: including teaching and foreign teacher management, training & enrollment - Good communication skills - Fluent in English

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Other education positions


5~10 years

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