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Part time Drama Teacher
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Job Responsibilities

ONLY Shanghai Applicants! Requirements- already MUST have a valid work visa and work permit. Semester begins February 19, 2024. Preferred native speaker of English, from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South African, or the United Kingdom or the United States. Successful candidates must enjoy children. A plus+ for the position, that the candidate has an interest in the arts, drama or theatre. The role of an early childhood educator is to support the implementation of an approved learning framework, and support children’s wellbeing, learning and development. Position Overview: Part-time Drama Teacher will support student develop within the fundamental skills and techniques to ‘act in’, ‘assist with’, and ‘lead’ theatrical productions. The successful candidate will possess core acting skills from an accredited institution. Effective teaching abilities, while leading to directing and the skill-set for producing stage/theatre productions. Moreover, active knowledge of theater history, creating a curriculum specifically for the Arts, with embedded classroom management. Arriving with positivity, enthusiasm, patience, and a passion for teaching drama to children ages 6-13 (kindergarten to 8th grade)--respectively. Students are eager to connect with the drama teaching staff. Candidate must enjoy working with children and understand the balance of encouragement, guiding, listening, being resourceful and steering our youth. Must enjoy working with children. Instruction and Creativity: -Teaching drama classes to students, covering topics such as acting techniques, voice projection, stage presence, and improvisation. -Organizing and leading rehearsals for school productions, guiding students in the development of their roles. -Encourage creativity and self-expression among students through drama activities and exercises. Promote teamwork and collaboration in the production of plays and other theatrical projects. As a Part-time Drama Teacher, you will be responsible for planning, organizing, and delivering drama and theater arts instruction to students. This also includes teaching acting techniques, directing plays, adaptation, and/or creating scripts, fostering creativity, and promoting an appreciative environment for the performing arts. The Drama Teacher will work closely with students to help them develop these skills, self-confidence, and teamwork abilities.

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Requirements: -Language: English, native speaker. -Bachelor's degree in Education or Early Child Education, or Language Arts or Drama Educational background. -Teaching or interests in the arts, drama or theater are welcomed. -Excellent communication, likability and high-engagement with children, youth-interpersonal, and early-learners' classroom organizational skills. Salary: - 350 RMB per class Work schedule: -Wednesday: 8:50-11:15 -Friday: 8:20-17:05 NOTE: Friday schedule will vary based on class. -Student Productions based upon student extended activities. Student base: -Student age: 6-13 Class size: -In the school- 25 students in each class Class length: -In the school- 35 to 40 minutes for a lesson Our goal when working with our partner institutions is to provide academic solutions that are both innovative and flexible. We work with artistic and educational organizations of different backgrounds to bring the local community and families with a rich multi-cultural experience.

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