Accounting Manager
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenZhen
The Studio (China)
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Job description

Job temptation: Five insurance and weekend holiday with lively and relaxed working environment Job description: 1. Have a corresponding understanding of each financial module and conduct data analysis and output in combination with business and cost needs; 2. According to the analysis of financial data, give guidance, suggestions and control to each department; 3. Understand the rules and operation of export tax rebate business in foreign trade industry; 4. Carry out data analysis training for employees of each department, and establish group data analysis thinking; 5. Responsible for cost control, data analysis, risk prevention and control, etc; 6. Have basic financial management and personnel management ability, and cooperate in the construction, training, evaluation and other work of the Department.


Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree, major in financial management, accounting, statistics, etc; 2. More than 10 years experience in financial management and data analysis; 3. Strong ability of logical thinking and language expression; 4. Target oriented, able to bear great pressure; 5. CET-4 or above, can be used as a working language, with good oral English communication ability. (required, direct oral communication with foreign boss is required).

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Account / Audit / Finance



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