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RV Product Manager
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Job Responsibilities

- Market Insight and Trend Analysis: Thoroughly understand the dynamics, trends, and customer needs of the European RV market. - R & D : Collaborate with the team and decide the design and develop the RV products based on market needs. - Pricing Strategy Formulation: Based on market data and cost analysis, formulate a reasonable product price. - Prodcuct positioning: Determine the market positioning of RV products in the European market to highlight product advantages. - Product Life Cycle Management: Monitor the performance of products in the market, and timely adjust strategies and optimize products. - Cooperation and Communication: Work closely with cross-departmental teams to ensure the smooth launch of products to the market.

Job Requirements

- Background and work experience in related fields, familiar with the RV industry. - Experience understanding and knowledge of the Europa RV market. - Good creative ability and marketing sences. - Good teamwork and communication ability. To apply, please send your cv to james.wu@hiredchina.com

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Product manager


3~5 years

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