Alevel Literature Teacher
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthShanghai
Ray Education Group
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Job Responsibilities

Core Responsibilities: 1 To deliver high quality Literature lessons to students in school. 2 To prepare relevant lesson plans and course/subject materials. 3 To use a variety of delivery methods that will stimulate learning appropriate to student needs and the demands of the Cambridge curriculum. 4 Working with colleagues in supporting the delivery of subjects content in a bilingual learning environment. 5 Develop resources, support teaching programmes and deliver on a number of courses as required. 6 To support the achievement of annual targets for learner retention and success rates. 7 Provide excellent assessment feedback in accordance with examination requirements 8 To conduct teaching/learning activities appropriate to the needs of individual learners, course and the curriculum, keeping attendance records and maintaining student discipline. 9 To provide accurate and timely formative assessment and feedback to learners, and maintain assessment records, including tracking and reporting of learner progress in line with school policy. 10 To provide active support to individual learners. 11 To manage students during evening study. 12 Be co-form tutor to assist homeroom teacher to manage a class. Benefits: 1, Apartment arrangement assistance provided; 2. House Allowance 3000 RMB/M 3. Relocation Fee for new teacher on-board after three months (10,000 RMB per teacher) 4, Flight tickets reimbursement (10,000 RMB per year); 5, Paid holiday;

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1. Native English speaker; 2. Bachelor degree or above; 3. More than 2 years teaching experience preferred; 4. Location: Shanghai China

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English teacher


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