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Live broadcast operation
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthIndonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the daily operation of the live broadcast room, design the overall operation ideas of the daily account, complete the construction of the people, goods and scene of the live broadcast room, and make preparations for the live broadcast: communicate with the anchor and the site controller about the live broadcast on the day, including but not limited to the live broadcast duration, the schedule, products, ideas, framework and speech techniques 2. Responsible for resource docking, product control, activity registration, promotional activity design (coupons, drainage products, welfare products), organization planning, delivery plan communication, etc., organized and cooperated with the anchor to complete the shooting of short videos 3. Responsible for the selection of products in the live broadcast room, cooperated with the anchor to complete the measurement, completed the weekly measurement quantity stipulated by the company, recommended the explosive models, and did a good job in the sample management of each live broadcast room 4. Responsible for the whole process of live broadcast, live broadcast preview release, live broadcast console operation, interaction with anchors and fans, and cooperation with anchors to operate and remove products from the background; 5. Follow up data indicators, conduct daily data analysis and summary, and effectively carry out live broadcast review: determine each live broadcast optimization goal and follow-up matters, and follow up until completion 6. Responsible for following up the consultation, complaints, suggestions and feedback of anchors, effectively dealing with them and proposing reasonable solutions, and assisting superiors to complete the training of trainee anchors and operation assistants in their direct broadcast room 7. Pay attention to the trends and trends of the livestream industry, analyze the livestream competitive products, and improve the retention rate and viscosity of livestream users. 8. Actively learn and study industry knowledge, master the platform rules, constantly improve professionalism, constantly optimize live content, do a good job in account maintenance, no prohibited words, no live broadcast accidents, no customer complaints 9. Complete other work arranged by superiors and the company, and implement the company's policies and systems

Job Requirements

1. A college degree 2. Relevant working experience in live broadcasting industry 3. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing 4. Age 20-35 years old

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

E-commerce operation/Offline operation/Product operation


1~3 years

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