Battery System Expert(with overseas working experience)
BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for battery system development and new technology research of PHEV / HEV projects; 2. Battery system project development management:      A. Responsible for the development of PACK structure, electrical, BMS, thermal management, etc ;      B. Responsible for battery Cell, PACK, system definition and other related work;      C. Supplier Management:         Responsible for product portfolio and supplier management of batteries, modules, thermal systems and systems engineering;      D. Cost management;      E. Matching and verification, battery system verification, safety, life span, etc. 3. Technology pre-research:       A. Competing product benchmarking: Responsible for the matching degree between models and product portfolios, and the technical direction of competing models;       B. New technology research and development: new structure technology, electrical connection technology, high-voltage safety technology, new material research and application, new thermal management system, new BMS system; 4. Planning: formulate the technical route of the battery; formulate the voltage platform, platform advancement, etc.

Job Requirements

1. Have more than 8 years of working experience in large vehicle manufacturers and large new energy battery companies; 2. Familiar with new energy vehicle power system, deep understanding of battery characteristics and proficiency in related test standards, and proficient in vehicle battery matching process; 3.PACK structure design related experience; 4. Familiar with the characteristics, processing and forming process of common metals, plastics and other materials, and understand the welding process; 5. Familiar with PACK structure design and electrical, structural simulation analysis, thermal simulation analysis and testing related technologies; 6. Proficient in selection of automotive BMS electronic components; 7. Skilled in using 3D / 2D design software (UG NX / AutoCAD, etc.) 8. Familiar with the electric vehicle architecture and industry standards, understand functional safety ISO26262, proficient in BMU, BCU hardware circuit design, rich experience in software and hardware joint tuning, and understand the current mainstream BMS architecture and development direction in the industry.

Required Languages

Chinese, English, Other

Job Details

Position type

Research & Development



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