Production Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the implementation of various production safety systems of enterprises, carry out regular safety inspections, control key process, eliminate potential safety hazards, and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents; 2. Organize the implementation of production plans and complete production tasks with good quality and quantity; Implement the company's cost control objectives and continuously reduce production costs; 3. According to the company's plan for workshop development, draw up staffing table and report to the company for approval, to train employees and lead a good team, actively and deeply understand the ideological trends of employees, and take reasonable measures to ensure the stability of the workshop; 4. Draw up the workshop management system, promote and implement it in the workshop after being approved by the company, and effectively manage the workshop employees according to the company system and workshop management system; 5. Lead the workshop to do 5S management well, create a good working environment, act by example to improve the accomplishment of employees; 6. Statistical analysis of the daily production situation of the workshop, seeking improvement, improving production efficiency, statistical analysis of the cost consumption of the workshop, and formulation of operable cost control measures. How to Apply: Please submit your latest resume as a single attachment and send it to olay: WhatsApp: (+86) 19925370749 WeChat:19925370749 LinkedIn:

Job Requirements

1. Master's degree or above, preferably in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, or other related majors or work backgrounds; 2. At least 7 years’ working experience production management,Have basic knowledge of IE, familiar with operation improvement, action optimization and process improvement, and have the ability to promote improvement; Have Lean Production thinking, master Lean Production related knowledge, and have strong execution ability; 3. Good team management,coordination and communication skills; 4. Able to communicate in English; 5. Have excellent expression, communication and leadership skills, and be able to work under strong pressure. 6. Candidates from Indonesia or European and based in China will be highly preferred

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Job Details

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Production Manager/Production Director


5~10 years

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