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【Boxing Coach】
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Job Responsibilities

1.Coach clients in positive boxing ethics and training concepts & methods. 2.Develop professional and customized boxing, fighting, and other fitness training plans for clients. 3.Demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility and adhere to standardized boxing coaching. 4.Stay updated on new training methods and promptly incorporate them into teaching. Strictly prohibit dangerous and prohibited actions. 5.Tailor training plans according to individual client needs. 6.Provide one-to-one and small class teaching, prioritizing customer experience and delivering value-added service.

Job Requirements

1.Possess 3-5 years of professional boxing training experience. 2.Hold relevant qualification certificates. 3.Passionate about boxing and coaching, exhibiting strong patience and a sense of responsibility. Demonstrate good teamwork skills. 4.No gender limited.

Required Languages


Job Details

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3~5 years

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