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Administrative Director
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthBeijing
Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. (DBN Group)
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Job Responsibilities

1.Fully responsible for the preparation, development and construction planning, and organization and implementation of the newly established life science laboratory (the Phoenix Lab), in accordance with the DBN Group's global development strategy and industrial needs; 2.Responsible for managing and supporting the daily operation of the Phoenix Lab; 3.Maintenance and management of laboratory instruments and equipment in functional order; 4.Responsible for the Phoenix Lab safety management and training to ensure the safety and compliance of research and development work; 5.Assist all departments of the company in overall coordination and handle internal and external relations; 6.Responsible for organizing academic exchange activities of the Phoenix Lab, effectively promoting international cooperation, and enhancing the international influence of the Phoenix Lab; 7.Responsible for completing other affairs (including emergencies) arranged by the leader,and assist each department in achieving laboratory research and development needs.

Job Requirements

1.Have a doctoral degree in life science; 2.Have working experience in scientific research institutions, universities, or large enterprises; 3.Have strategic ideas and innovative thinking on the construction of life science laboratory, and have the ability to lead the Phoenix Lab to achieve domestic leadership and international advanced level in its cutting-edge fields; 4.Proficient in English, with good written and oral communication skills; 5.Have a strong sense of unity and collaboration,with professionalism and organizational management skills.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Operations Director


1~3 years

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