CEP Primary English teacher
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthGuangZhou
The Affiliated Foreign Language School of SCNU
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Job Responsibilities

1.to teach non-native speaker English using specific materials ; 2. Supports the vision, mission and philosophy of the school; 3. Represents the school in a positive manner both inside and outside of the school; 4. Participates in all collaborative planning meetings; 5. Reflects on own teaching and learning and shares in collaboration meetings; 6. Works with parents and the school community to promote the Primary Years Program; 7. Collects up students at the start of the day and brings students down at the end of the day, students are supervised until the busses leave; 8. Provides feedback on student work, which is documented. Student work should be initialed and dated; 9. Provides weekly plans to the PYP Coordinator prior to the week commencing;

Job Requirements

1. Minimum three years’ teaching experience, with at least a bachelor’s degree (Education Degree preferred), and a teaching certificate where applicable; 2. Child focused, highly professional and competent in bilingual classroom teaching settings; 3. Experience in differentiating teaching techniques and passionate about learning; 4. Intercultural communication and global competency; 5. Linguistic proficiency in English.

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Position type

English Teaching


Mid-Senior level

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