Chief Concierge
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenZhen
Shenzhen China Resources Property Management Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for daily and comprehensive service management of the customer service department, and ensure the normal operation of the department; 2. Responsible for the implementation of concierge services, daily service and operation of the club, and monthly community activities; 3. Responsible for the overall arrangement of meeting affairs, VIP reception and promotion of service quality; 4. Prepared and improved the management documents of the customer service department, formulated work plans and supervised the implementation of the work; 5. Organize the implementation department and team training, and perform performance assessment on employees according to the requirements of the company; 6. Completed other tasks assigned by the leader.

Job Requirements

1. Aged 25-35, with good image and characteristic, full-time bachelor degree or above, major in hotel management, tourism management, and other related professional; 2. Manage experience in customer service team of five-star hotel or famous property company for more than 3 years; 3. Have strong service consciousness, communication and coordination ability, complaint handling ability, team management and training ability and writing ability, have a high level of professionalism.

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Real estate brokerage


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