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Customer service engineer ( Mundra/Mumbai)
Full-timeNegotiableIndia - India( Mundra/Mumbai)
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Job Responsibilities

Job title: 1. During the equipment quality guarantee period, check, analyze and solve the abnormalities in the equipment program and electrical aspects of the customer, to ensure that the problem is solved quickly and effectively, and the equipment is repaired; 2. After the warranty period, provide after-sales service according to customer needs, including updating and upgrading equipment programs, repairing electrical problems, replacing electrical spare parts, etc.; 3. Investigate and solve hidden dangers in the electrical aspects of equipment, and deeply analyze various electrical problems that occur, and put forward their own professional opinions and drive products; 4. After the equipment is delivered to the customer, install and debug the equipment together with the cutting technologist and mechanical engineer of the customer service department, promptly investigate and solve the customer's on-site problems, and jointly propose high customer satisfaction; 5. Support the work of the product line, research and development, technology department and other departments, provide the information and data they need on the customer's site electrical and procedures, and promote improvement. Whatsapp: +86 19925288664 Wehcat ID: hiredchina4 Email address: victory.liu@hiredchina.com

Job Requirements

Qualifications: 1. More than 3 years working experience in automation or mechatronics; 2, More than 2 years experience in PLC use and debugging; 3. In the photovoltaic industry, familiarity with machining equipment and slicer equipment is preferred.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Electronics/semiconductor engineer


1~3 years

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