Market Research Specialist/ Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1. Market Research: Responsible for formulating annual research plans and planning research projects; 2. Market Analysis: Collect and integrate upstream and downstream market information in the industry, including market supply and demand, industry competition pattern, industry policies, etc., to assist C-level executives in decision making about the future market; 3. Output research reports: Present the market information collected in the early stage in the form of charts, tables, and PPT, and finally output research reports (weekly/monthly reports) to help the boss make decisions; 4. Connect with external research institutions: Responsible for connecting with external market research institutions; 5. Expense budget: Responsible for the budget of market research expenses; 6. Exhibitions planning;

Job Requirements

1. More than 3 years of experience in market research and market analysis; 2. English and German as working language. Please contact Kayla if you are interested in this position Mobile: (86) 199 25288671 WhatsApp:(+86) 199 2528 8671

Required Languages

English, German

Job Details

Position type

Other marketing positions


3~5 years

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