Material Engineer
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthShenzhen
GPA Hong Kong Limited
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Job Responsibilities

1. Work both independently and collaboratively to understand the material application requirements and accurately translate product-level requirements into material-level properties 2. Develop a sustainable material portfolio and recommend off-the-shelf materials 3. Develop tools to streamline material selection and share material knowledge across the business 4. Ability to provide traceable, and validated through certified bodies, mono or composites material’s recycle content, and its end-of-life recyclability. 5.Drive hands-on scientific studies of material performance, from developing testing methods, applying statistical analysis of data to evaluate and specify material parameters critical to functionality and quality 6. Establish and develop relationships with manufacturers/suppliers to identify existing and emerging technologies. Collaborate with partner industries and companies to develop and execute future strategy for environmentally responsible material solutions 7. Communicate findings in a clear, concise manner to multiple levels of audiences, including visualization of data. 8. Develop practical recommendations to inform material selection, design feasibility, and manufacturing process development. 9. Attend sustainability materials trade shows & workshops to expand knowledge of existing or upcoming solutions in the market 10. Knowledge of global/county specific recycling schemes and recycling processes, to understand end of life/post-consumer management of our products: recycling or bury (landfill) or burn (biofuels) 11. Assist in achieving our client's sustainability goals (for example light weighting products, and all plastic use to include more than 40% recycled plastic by 2025).

Job Requirements

1.In-depth expertise in material science, structure-property relationships, and characterization of material performance for structural and cosmetic applications, in quantitative terms 2. Experience working with cross functional groups to drive material selection and development 3. Effective in leading multiple development projects simultaneously with local and overseas vendors to achieve high standards and meet fast-paced schedules 4. Effective communication skills. Specifically, you can explain complex issues to a variety of audiences, are able to think about the big picture when communicating and can summarize technical details succinctly. 5. Experience with material processing, testing and developing materials for manufacturing is preferred 6. Experience with a wide range of packaging materials from paper, wood, fiber, plastics and bio-based materials is preferred 7. Understanding of the packaging supply chain and the fit for use criteria for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. 8. Fully understanding materials/products manufacturing processes to evaluate waste produced, and the energy/water used during fabrication, with an aim to assist in goals to reduce. 9. Speaking and writing English is necessary, can speak Mandarin will be a plus.

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