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Food R & D Technical Engineer
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthNanjing
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Job Responsibilities

● Product Quality Management: Oversee and enhance the overall quality level of research and development products. This includes analyzing production processes, proposing improvement suggestions for optimization, promptly addressing issues with defective products, and implementing effective preventive measures to avoid recurrence. ● New Product Development Plan Management: Ensure the timely completion of new product development plans aligned with the company's overall strategy and objectives. This involves tracking R&D progress, coordinating and resolving issues during the development process, and facilitating the smooth progress of new product launches. ● Personnel Management: Focus on cultivating and managing the research and development team. This includes selecting and nurturing new R&D talents to enhance the team's overall strength, as well as actively organizing product-related training activities to improve team members' professional skills and qualities, thereby strengthening team cohesion and morale.

Job Requirements

● Required to be nationals of Italy, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, the Netherlands, and Japan. ● At least 5 years of work experience in meat product development.

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Job Details

Position type

Other production positions


5~10 years

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