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Job Responsibilities

Job Requirements

Native speakers for dubbing roles in foreign language editions of popular TV Series and movies 1.Native speakers 2.Candidates with relevant working experience preferred 3.Candidates with plentiful free time preferred Competencies 1.Able to react quickly and connect with a wide variety of roles 2.Punctual and capable of working alongside others in the studio 3.Positive, constructive attitude towards work 4.Strong interpersonal and communication skills 5.Ability to work under pressure and strict deadlines 6.Able to work on weekend and evenings. Benefits vary depending on the characters, ranging from 500RMB to 8000RMB per project.

Required Languages

English, French, Portuguese

Job Details

Position type

Acting / Model / Voice


Entry level

You by clicking the "apply" button (lower left), the recruiter will be informed of your application and be able to view your contact info and check your profile.

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