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Job Responsibilities

Job duties. 1. responsible for distribution products in TikTok live with goods, answer user questions, active live room atmosphere, promote single (daily live time of about 2 hours or more) 2. Responsible for pre-stream preparation and post-stream summary to improve sales and sales efficiency 3. work with operations to develop monthly live planning and sales planning, participate in the marketing nodes of the live program 4. Continuously summarize feedback and adjust product selling points, optimize the script and content of the live broadcast in stages to improve user engagement and stickiness 5. write daily summary of live broadcast, record the problems in the live broadcast and feedback

Job Requirements

Job requirements. 1. passion for anchoring career, good spoken English, natural and fluent communication, strong expression ability, good camera performance 2. Previous experience in wig sales and clothing sales is preferred 3. Experience in original short video, live streaming and self media operation is preferred 4. good working attitude and team spirit, obey the arrangement and execution of superiors

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1~3 years

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