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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for recruiting experts, anchors, and experts in the field of occultism (tarot, astrology, etc.), and maintaining cooperative relations. 2. Responsible for the operation and management of talents, and monitor the service quality of talents. High-quality talents focus on operations, do a good job in incentive measures, optimize the services of talents, and be responsible for the total income of talents. 3. Responsible for operating data statistics, timely feedback on the needs of experts, and follow up product optimization.

Job Requirements

1. University graduate, proficient in English and Spanish; 2. Have a certain understanding of the live broadcast business; 3. Those who have relevant learning and training experience in tarot, astrology, psychology and other fields are preferred. 4. Good communication and collaboration skills, good copywriting skills, positive, rigorous and responsible working attitude, and excellent team awareness.

Required Languages

Spanish, English

Job Details

Position type

Recruitment specialist


1~3 years

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