Freelance event host
Unison World Record
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Job Responsibilities

Attend client’s event on behalf of Unison World Record; Give necessary speech for client’s event (Content need to follow client’s requirement); World record certification on behalf of Unison World Record; Give client necessary support for the event by following guideline; Collect relevant data for achieving a world record on live event site; Judgement according to the guideline; Travel to client’s event (Normally we will negotiate with client and could give a notice in advance about event date and relevant event information) Necessary business skills Basic payment, RMB1000/day, flight and accommodation will be on the company.

Job Requirements

Necessary understanding about our business; Fluent English skills, Chinese will be a plus; Available to travel in China mainland (Normally 2-3 days, sometimes if not too far we could return in 1 day );

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Customer service


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