English foreign teacher
Shenyang Gabbitas International Kindergarten
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Job Responsibilities

1.To teach three years old up to 6 years old children to learn English Be able to give a Native- English environment and guarantee the quality of instructions; 2. Be able to be the lead teacher for a lesson; 3. Be able to assist with demo-classes and marketing activities, as well as helping students renewal, etc. 4.Be responsible for each kid’s learning effectiveness and improving the satisfaction of parents; 5. In close cooperation with other teachers, establish a good reputation by providing an excellent service; 6. Improving self career cultivation and teaching level.

Job Requirements

1.Bachelor degree or above (Major in English or Education) , 2 .English native speaker,who from US/UK/Canada/Australia,etc. 3. Love children and English educational career; 4.Lively and cheerful personality, warm and generous; 5.Understand the difference of teaching systems and methods between Chinese and western and be willing to accept new teaching modes; 6.Relevant English teaching experience has priority; Required Languages English

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English Teaching



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