English Teacher
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WU HU ORS Education Co.,LTD
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: 1. Combine Chinese and Western curriculum systems, adopt international teaching concepts and methods, and conduct curriculum design and development; 2. Teaching courses and organizing and implementing activities related to courses; 3. Actively carry out teaching, teaching and research activities, communicate and discuss with foreign teachers, improve business ability and course quality; 4. Communicate well with parents at home and school, discuss with teaching team to follow up students' all-round development in time.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: 1. Native or non-native language teachers are acceptable. Bachelor degree or above 2. At least 2 years relevant working experience as a teacher, overseas or international school working background is preferred; 3. Strong English expression ability, lively lectures, broad range of knowledge; 4. love the teaching profession and am a pioneer in thinking. good at improving the teaching process through teaching reflection to help students improve their abilities in all aspects.

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English teacher


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