ESL teacher
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Job Responsibilities

1、 Following Scholastic course system to teach English for 3-12 years old children. 遵循学校课程体系,教授 3-12 岁儿童英语 2、 Responsible for whole learning process for students. Help the students to do pre-learning and review, keep a close contact with parents about learning progress. 负责学生的整个学习过程。帮助学生做好预习和复习,与家长保持密切联系,了解学习进展 情况。 3、 Support other teaching or marketing activities as needed, e.g Demo show, Ceremony, family day, Open day. 必要时支持所有教学或者市场活动,例如 DEMO 展示课、毕业典礼、公开课、开放日等等 4、 Decoration the classroom with suitable materials. keeping teaching equipment in good conditions. 使用合适的材料来装饰教室,保管所有的教具 5、 Proactively participating in the school’s social program including Extra Curricular Activities. 积极参加学校的社会活动,包括课外活动 6、Actively participating in Employee training programs by the school 积极参加学校组织的员工培训项目 7、Attending all scheduled meetings where the teachers’ presence is required. 参加所有需要教师出席的预定会议 8、Other tasks assigned by the Education Department and Center Director within his/her working hours. 由教学部或者中心主任布置的其它任务。

Job Requirements

1、 Bachelor degree or above、native speakers,Fluent in English 本科或以上学历,母语、英语流利 2、 Excellent communication skill 流利的沟通能力 3、 Outgoing、passionate、cheerful 外向、积极、向上 4、 Love and enjoy working with children 喜欢与孩子打交道 5、 Available for working at weekend 可接受周末上班 The offer is a training center,not kindergarten!not primary school!

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Teacher/English teacher


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