ESL Teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthNanjing
EF Nanjing
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Job Responsibilities

Foreign teachers needed in Training center 1. 城市city:Nanjing 2. 孩子年龄段Students' Age: 3 to 16 3. 班级人数 Class Size: 10~12 4. 每周工作时长 Duration of work per week: 40 5. 每周休息时间 weekly rest:Monday Tuesday 薪资待遇Salary and treatment: 14000~24000 after tax 月薪 salary:14000~24000 after tax 住宿 Accommodation: 2000rmb/month accommodation allowance. Air ticket subsidy: Flight Allowance 10000, One time Relocation Bonus 7000, Other bonus

Job Requirements

-Native or non-native English Speaker -Bachelor degree or higher -A team player with excellent communication skill -A passion for teaching kids -Creative, responsible, open-minded, knowledgeable -2 years teaching experience -TEFL or TESOL

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English teacher


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