English Content Editor
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenzhen
Shenzhen YiGuangNian Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities: Organize, edit and optimize Amazon product listing; 2. Collect, edit, optimize and proofread present product listing in all websites of the company; 3. Write product descriptions for all websites of the company; deeply explore and refine product features and selling points; 4. Update, maintain product listings for sale; optimize product keywords and listing; Write English materials for brand promotion activities, social media promotion plans, company's publicity, etc. Edit and write instructions, package text and video text for newly-developed products; Organize and write product introduction and product features for newly-developed products. Help improve the awareness and reputation of the company’s brands in overseas markets; help build brand emotion and product value, and promote the rise of sales conversion rate; Fulfill other jobs from leader and other departments.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements: Familiar with American and European culture and network pop culture; English native speaker, come from America or European countries; Excellent in both speaking and writing English; Bachelor degree or above, no major requirement; Strong sense of responsibility, good logical thinking ability, good at analyzing and summarizing problems. Good at communication, able to deal with various situations arising in the work flexibly, with team spirit and independent working ability. Highly interested in cross-border e-commerce; Good personal cultivation and professional ethics.

Required Languages

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Content Writer/Copywriter


3~5 years

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