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Russian Industry Automation Teacher
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthBeijing
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Job Responsibilities

1. Plan, prepare, and deliver high-quality lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and laboratory sessions in Industrial Robotics, Automation, and Mechatronics. 2. Develop and maintain up-to-date curriculum and course materials. 3. Assess student progress through assignments, examinations, and practical projects. 4. Provide academic guidance, mentorship, and support to students. 5. Foster an engaging and interactive learning environment. 6. Collaborate with colleagues and participate in departmental initiatives.

Job Requirements

1.Hold a Bachelor degree with 5 year OR Master's degree with 1 year working experience in relevant fields such as Mechatronics Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics Specialization), or a closely related discipline. 2.In-depth knowledge and expertise in the following subjects: Electrical Control and PLC Technology, Digital Production Line Integration and Simulation, Industrial Robot Application Programming (ABB Primary), Frequency Conversion and Servo Control Technology, Sensor and Detection Technology, and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology. 3.Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills. 4.Dedication to student success and academic excellence. Strong sense of responsibility, patience, and being friendly to students.

Required Languages

Russian, English

Job Details

Position type

Subject Teacher


1~3 years

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