Job Responsibilities
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Job Responsibilities

Description of job: Short video actor/model (part-time) Responsibilities: 1: Perform performance based on the short video plot copy, and cooperate with the photographer to shoot to achieve the performance effect 2: Coordinate the team’s shooting work 3: Time 2-3H, make an appointment in advance.

Job Requirements

Job Requirements 1: Female, taller than 168, good image and temperament (college students are preferred) 2: Have a certain foundation in acting, have a cheerful personality, have the courage to express yourself, and be fluent in English 3: Many dramas, love to act, strong expressiveness, not afraid of the camera, strong personal style, with high recognizability 4: Musical drama / performance / broadcast host and other arts related majors are preferred 5: Royal sister type, loli type, temperament type is preferred 6: Bring your own make-up, clothing needs to be submitted: model card, if you don’t have a model card, provide your name, height, measurements, life photos, video introduction (only within 25s) Part-time daily salary is 800 yuan, working hours: 10:00-18:00, happy cooperation can be long-term

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