Lean manager
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Job Responsibilities

Coordinating the lean work of Vietnamese companies and being responsible for efficiency lean management 1. Lean improvement system establishment and cultural promotion; 2. Taking the value stream as the traction, carry out KBS weekly improvement activities, accumulate lean improvement methodology, and cultivate existing field lean improvement talents; 3. Promote manufacturing transformation, including improvement of manufacturing foundation & promotion of key lean production projects, and focus on resources Break the bottleneck of improvement. Equipment and automation 1. Investment management, strategic planning, equipment utilization efficiency control; 2. Equipment procurement, sporadic procurement, open bidding, supplier negotiation, and overall procurement strategy; 3. Equipment operation management, allocation and ledger, system management, equipment inspection; 4. Equipment introduction, overall automation management of each factory, non-standard equipment design;

Job Requirements

Qualifications: 1.Diploma or above, Bachelor degree is preferred; 2.More than 5 years of working experience in home furnishing, home appliances, manufacturing industrial engineering:and automobile industries (Foxconn and ASHELY are preferred); 3. The IE team has more than 10 years of management experience. 4. Chinese can be used as working language;Have good planning and organization skills, communication skills, and interpersonal coordination skills;

Required Languages

Mandarin, Vietnamese

Job Details

Position type

Manufacturing Manager


5~10 years

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