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Overseas Chief Representative
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Job Responsibilities

1. Preparing to establish overseas offices or representative branches; Location: EU(Germany, Italy ),Turkey, etc. 2. Strategic Management 1.1 Market Strategy: Conduct international market research, analyze development trends, formulate market development strategies, and provide relevant data for leadership decision-making. 1.2 Product strategy: Develop export product line strategies based on the company's situation, international market environment, and customer development trends, report to the headquarters for approval, coordinate the implementation of internal resources, and follow up the evaluation results; 1.3 Network Layout: Establish an overseas market network, make a strategic layout, and lay a good pipeline for the company's internationalization strategy. 2. Sales Management 2.1 Sales Planning: Assist the Group in formulating and implementing annual sales forecasts, determining pricing mechanisms and negotiation strategies for product prices, etc; Budget and manage sales expenses; Supervise and guide monthly sales activities of each department, analyze and adjust sales plans based on the sales and financial statements of the General Management Department. 2.2 Business Development: Responsible for business development for customers in new markets, new industries, and industries directly under the central government. Responsible for customer management risk assessment, filing, product project management, and customer transfer after batch production. 2.3 Risk management and control: Control the marketing risks of overseas customers: political and economic environmental risks, as well as risks related to customers such as contracts, payment collection, customs declaration, delivery, and quality, to ensure that business activities operate legally, orderly, and with low risk. 3. Team building 3.1 Team Culture and Daily Management: Set an example, create a cultural atmosphere of courage, unity, and progress in the Business Unit, and assist the Sales Director in handling the daily affairs management of the Business Unit. 3.2 Personnel system and talent plan: According to the company's strategic development needs and changes in the overseas international market, continuously optimize the organizational structure, fix positions and personnel, and rotate positions in overseas locations; Assist in formulating the performance appraisal and incentive mechanism for the Export Business Department, and build an upward channel platform for echelon talents;

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in mechanical electronics, power electronics, etc., with overseas study and work experience; 2. More than 10 years of work experience, including overseas work, with at least 3 years of technical marketing experience; In the following sub sectors - consumer electronics, automotive electronics, power tools, industrial control, smart home, etc., those with rich experience and deep circle resources in one field are preferred. 3. Experience in managing European and American customer resources, Chinese companies in regions such as Europe, the United States, and Japan is preferred, and can demonstrate a network of relationships. 4. Fluent in English, and Chinese is a plus.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


Unlimited experience

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