Full Time Native English Teacher
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthHangzhou
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Job Responsibilities

Job treatment: 1. Work is easy, the atmosphere is good, and there are holiday gifts 2. Working hours on weekdays: 9:00 to 17:30, closed on weekends and statutory holidays 3. Pack lunch 4. There are 2 hours of nap in the afternoon 5. Can include accommodation 6. Half a month off during winter vacation (Chinese New Year)----with salary of half-month

Job Requirements

Full-time foreign teacher job requirements 1. You can take children into class and like children (children before kindergarten) 2. The standard of spoken English pronunciation 3. 0-3 years old baby’s English atmosphere is created, can accompany the baby to play together, and have a certain sense of safety. A picture book that can give babies exaggerated expressions, it is better to have your own special talents. 4. Affinity, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, love, and willingness to accompany 0-3 children. Able to obey the arrangement of the park. Organize rich and interesting activities for your baby every day. 5. English-speaking countries, with TESOL or TEFL or TESL. priority.

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English teacher


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